[KS] Change in Korean Nationality Law

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Mon Aug 2 01:46:00 EDT 1999

Change in Korean Nationality Law

    A change in the Korean Nationality Law was announced on September 19, 1997. It grants Korean citizenship and nationality at birth to children
of a Korean mother and foreign father. Until now, all such children had to take the father¡¯s nationality. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) sent the new
bill to the plenary session of the National Assembly in October, and the law was implemented immediately after the bill was passed.

    This revision is the first major change in 49 years to the patriarchial system governing nationality. It marks Korea¡¯s move to recognize the
same multi-nationality status that advanced countries do. Under the new law, when a Korean woman marries a foreign man and reports the birth of children,
the children will automatically be considered Korean citizens.

    In addition, children born during the past ten years to similar couples will be granted Korean nationality if they are reported to the ministry
during a three-year period after implementation of the bill.

Does anyone know how the new change in nationality law will effect amerasian children that were deserted by american fathers?

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