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1.  Fulbright is moving
2. Alumni contribute generously to building fund
3. Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations
4. New address and telephone


     KAEC's building purchase has been our top news for most of 1999 -
looking, finding, losing, looking again, finding again, bidding, losing
again, looking again, finding again, buying.  Several months were spent just
registering the building, which was successfully done (after great effort by
Mrs. Jai Ok Shim, the Deputy Director) in the name of the Korean-American
Educational Commission itself as a tax-exempt non-profit educational
organization.  Next was housing construction in the building - on November 1
nine grantees and the Associate Director moved into the new (small)
apartments in the building.
     The step-by-step process continues.  Fulbright still has to move out of
the offices in the Kohap Building it has occupied for 15 years.  The
administrative offices, the ETS testing operation, the counseling center.
KAEC turns out to be BIG when you want to move it.
     On December 11 the administrative offices of the KAEC, including the
Executive Director and his staff, will move to Mapo to the "Fulbright
Building."  The ETS testing operation moves by the end of the year, while
the advising center is under construction on the first floor.  In January
the new Fulbright Advising Center will be opened with a formal ceremony,
ribbon cutting, open house, and a New Year's Reception (for solar AND lunar
New Year).  The date will be announcedsoon - we hope everyone will come and
see the place!

  Fulbright in Korea has been blessed beyond measure by the generosity of
our Alumni!  The KAEC has never before held a major fundraising effort among
alumni, but the promise of alumni support was important in the decision to
purchase the Fulbright Building.  And the alumni are living up to their
promise!  Even though the Fulbright Building Fund Drive has only been going
for a few weeks, already over 100 alumni have pledged over 140 million won
($120,000) over the next three years.  50 million won ($40,000) has already
been donated in cash and delivered to the bank to reduce the size of the
loan which was taken out for the building.  We continue to be grateful to
the alumni not only for the generosity of their contributions (the average
is over one million won, or over $850) but for the wide range and number of

In a fine convergence of events, the formal opening of the Fulbright
Advising Center and the Fulbright Building and the reception will be the
first of many events in the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Year.  The
original Fulbright agreement was signed between the Republic of Korea and
the United States of America on April 28, 1950, just before the Korean War.
The year 2000, our 50th year, will be marked with a series of events
starting with the Ribbon Cutting and Open House in January, retrospective
and prospective meetings of the Fulbright Forum, a Fulbright Distinguished
Visiting Lecture Series in various cities and with various regional alumni
groups throughout the country (to be delivered by Dr. Richard Fogarty,
Distinguished Roving Fulbright Lecturer and editor of the Antioch Review),
and culminating in a Gala Celebration and Banquet in Seoul on Friday, April
28, 2000.  Save the date!  There will be plenty of occasions to join
Fulbright in celebrating its first Fifty Years.

Only the email address stays the same.  From December 13:
Korean-American Educational Commission
Fulbright Building
168-15 Yomni-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul 121-090, Korea
Phone: 3275-4000
Fax:    3275-4028
email: admin at fulbright.or.kr
Alternative mail address at Mapo post office:  M.P.O. Box 112, Seoul
Mail to the old address will continue to be received.  Phone calls to the
old numbers will be forwarded automatically.  And while Fulbright email and
website will be offline for a few days as we move, soon we will continue as
always to welcome visitors to our website:  www.fulbright.or.kr


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