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Yhank-you for your suggestions and insights, I may try to interview some of 
the professionals you mention.

I am at York, Toronto actually, but there are scores of Korean students both 
at York and University of Toronto, not to mention, I live on the edge of 
Korea Town, and the Canadian office for the Korea Times is in my apartment 
building, so no lack of resources on this end for sure!

Once again, thanks.  What are your research interests by the way?

Happy Holidays,

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>Subject: Re: Globalization and Cultural Identity; Globalization and 
>everyday life in Seoul
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>Dear Jamie Paquin,
>You may expend the class category to professionalists, such as
>educationalists, journalists, and so on.  I think it is also possible to 
>on line for your interviewing them. The reason I suggest may be found in my
>personal opinion that people in Seoul are composed by various backgrounds -
>for instance, many of them are not original citizens of Seoul - and very
>individualised.  I think they are mostly intelligent and well aware of the
>globalisation, especially in a difficult situation in terms of economy
>caused by a effect of the globalisation, perhaps.
>If you are in York in UK, you may also contact some Korean females who have
>been studying here.  I am in Glasgow actually.  In the Glasgow Korean
>Community, there are some Korean females, I am sure they may be your
>interviewers.   They are mostly in Glasgow University and Strathclyde
>Good luck.
>Strathclyde University
>Dept. of Educational Studies

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