[KS] Re: north korea/polish documentary

Keith Howard kh at soas.ac.uk
Tue Dec 21 06:30:51 EST 1999

One documentary which seems to fit what you describe was broadcast in
Britain by Channel 4 TV in April 1990, titled 'The Parade' and with a
suitable voice-over. Unfortunately, I do not know how to go about getting
copies; I confess to having a video of the programme.

The documentary is one hour long, and has a nominal focus on the
celebrations surrounding the 40th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK.
All the standard sights, from Mansudae to the Diamond Mountains are
present. There is considerable irony in the text, from an initial focus on
telephones dotted around a hall full of senior citizens covered in medals
(the telephones are to warn the audience when Kim Il Sung is about to
appear on stage, so that they can begin to call out 'Manse'), to a point
where North Korean activists describe at length why they are inscribing
massive slogans to Kim Il Sung on exposed rock faces in the Diamond

I hope this is the right film.

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