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Keith Howard kh at soas.ac.uk
Fri Dec 17 08:28:06 EST 1999

I have been asked to forward the following from Korean Studies' colleagues
at Leiden University. If you are able to help, please respond to Julie.

Keith Howard

>Dear members,
>This is a message on behalf of Ms. Julie Leesberg, a tree expert working and
>studying in The Netherlands. She is working on a book on the gingko tree in
>East Asia and is wondering if there are any drawings or pictures available
>that deal with the gingko tree in Korea and its introduction to court,
>allegedly during the Koryeo period. Any information on where to read about
>the introduction of the tree to Korea, and the use of the tree would be most
>welcome. Any suggestions or directions would be very much appreciated.
>Her e-mail address is vslobbe-leesberg at wxs.nl

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