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Call for Papers

"Narratives of Identity" Proposed Theme Issue for The Review of Korean Studies
Recent studies of identity have crossed a number of disciplines to address such issues as the multiple intersections of class, gender and race as well as the interrelations of postcolonalism, nationalism and ethnicity.   These works have called into question the "politics of identity" by expanding anti-essentialist critiques of ethnic, sexual, national and racial identities as predetermined "givens."  By exploring how identities are constructed, these works have provided provocative insights for the articulation and discussion of new theories and discourses of identity.
We propose a theme issue of "The Review of Korean Studies" that would encourage scholars from a wide range of disciplines to address the question of identity from a variety of historical, contemporary and/or diasporic situations in Korea. Our particular interest is to explore how identities are produced, negotiated and reformulated during periods of historical and cultural upheaval, where transnational flows and external challenges create the conditions where identities (national, class, ethnic, and/or gendered) are threatened, debated or simply re-created. Proposed topics might include, but are not limited to: the exploration of "Koreaness" in the discourse of imperial Japan, evangelical imperialism and the emergence of a new coding of femininity in early modern Korea, ethnic identity among Korean diaspora communities, or the invention of "tradition" (religious, artistic, political) in either pre-modern or modern times.
All submissions should be double-spaced throughout, including text, tracts, quotations and footnotes internally as well as between notes.  In general, follow style guidelines established in the 14th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.  For Korean words, romanize according to the MOE-modified McCune-Reischauer system.  Additional instructions for authors can be obtained from the addresses below.  Please send three hard copies and a diskette formatted in either HWP or MS Word. The deadline is July 1, 2000. The Review also provides an honorarium to contributors.  Manuscripts should be sent to:
(within the US)
Sheila Miyoshi Jager
Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Anthropology
Academy of Korean Studies
PSC 450, Box 821
APO AP 96206-0821
e-mail: kimjager at soback.kornet21.net
(outside the US)
Michael Pettid
Consulting Editor, Review of Korean Studies
The Academy of Korean Studies
50 Unjung-dong, Pundang-gu
Songnam-shi, Kyonggi-do
Korea    463-791
e-mail: pettid at aks.ac.kr


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