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Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Wed Feb 17 18:05:52 EST 1999

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AAS Korean Studies activities
<div>Korean Studies actvities at the AAS meetings in Boston, March
<div>with apologies to those on the list who are not AAS members</div>
</x-tab>You've received word already on the special reception at the
Harvard Faculty Club to which all Koreanists are invited:</div>
<div>The Korea Institute of Harvard University will be hosting<br>
a welcoming reception for all Koreanists attending the<br>
Boston AAS Conference. The reception will be held on<br>
Friday, March 12, 1999 from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.</div>
</x-tab>This will require a little bit of subway and/or taxi effort,
but worth it to enjoy the setting at Harvard.Ê And thanks to
Carter Eckert, Milan Hejtmanek, and the Korea Institute for
volunteering to host us.</div>
</x-tab>On Saturday evening, I don't have the details in front of me,
but I think it is in the 7:00 pm slot, the Korean Political Science
Association with host an extra session on the current situation in
Korea.Ê The Ambassador, Lee Hong Koo, will be a special guest
and participant at that session.</div>
</x-tab>Finally, on Saturday evening at 9:00, we will have our annual
CKS business meeting, in the Harvard Room (how appropriate) at the
hotel.Ê Let me encourage all members to attend.Ê We have
spotty attendance at times, but there are important items of business
that touch all of our careers.Ê There is one item on the agenda
from an outside funding source that I would like to share with many
of you before we get to Boston, but I don't want to include it on
this mailing since about 2/3rds of those on this list are not AAS
members.Ê Therefore,....</div>
</x-tab>If you are an AAS member, and would like to participate in
the meeting, either by previewing the agenda in advance of your
attendance by email (a later mailing I will provide), or by email
"virtual" attendance, drop me an email:Ê (cut and
paste one of the following -- do <u><i>not</i>Ê</u> use the
reply option and thereby "spam" the list):Ê
<u>either</u>Ê Mark_Peterson at email.eduÊ <u>OR</u>Ê
map3 at email.byu.edu</div>
</x-tab>I will put together an email list of interested CKS members
based on your responses and send out an agenda prior to the
<div>with best regards, (and again apologies to those on the list who
are not involved)</div>
<div>Mark Peterson<br>



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