[KS] Query: Vietnam and Japanese Collaborators

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Tue Feb 2 13:12:42 EST 1999

List Members,

I wonder if I can make a query and draw upon the collective wisdom of the

1) In his 1995 work, "The Abacus and The Sword: The Japanese Penetration Of
Korea, 1895, 1910 Peter Duus writes: "Much more research needs to be done,
particularly in Korean sources, to find out just who collaborated with the
Japanese authorities.  For obvious reasons, this line of investigation has
not been pursued by Korean scholars, and so far it has not attracted the
attention of Japanese researchers". (220, note: 36)

I am searching for works that address this issue of Korean collaboration
with the Japanese authorities on the peninsula from the pre-colonial era
(approx. 1895) up to and including 1945.  Can anyone help me?

2) I'm also looking for works on Korean involvement in the Vietnam conflict.
Two central articles (both of which I have) appear to be, "Allies Called
Koreans: A Report From Vietnam" by Diane and Michael Jones and Frank
Baldwin's, "America's rented Troops: South Koreans in Vietnam" (Bulletin of
Concerned Asian Scholars, 1975 Oct-Dec). I'd be grateful to hear from anyone
who may know of any other discussions of this topic.

Thank you in advance. Respectfully,

Michael Goodwin (Ontario)
goodwin at nas.net

P.S. Other lists to which I belong require personal query responses to be
sent directly to the querent. I'm not sure what the habit is on the Korean
Studies list?


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