[KS] Re: Collaboration

carl saxer carl.saxer at st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Feb 5 15:37:57 EST 1999

Dear list

I have with interest followed the discussion on 
collaboration in Korea. I agree that it often is difficult 
to get beyond the myths, for there are  many of them, one 
of them is story about the Danish King, Christian, he did 
continue his regular horse ride through Copenhagen, but he 
never wore  the Jewish Star. It is a myth, a nice one, but 
still a myth.

The Korean experience is also filled with myths, and maybe 
the issue is still too emotional for any detachment to be 
demanded of Korean scholars. A problem is then that a large 
majority of Korean Studies scholars are ethnic Koreans, so 
I can not really see who else should/can  examine the 
collaboration issue. Maybe we simply have to wait until the 
period has become a bit more distant.

Carl Saxer 
carl saxer
carl.saxer at sant.ox.ac.uk


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