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Leif Littrup littrup at coco.ihi.ku.dk
Tue Feb 16 09:20:26 EST 1999

University of Copenhagen,
The Faculty of Humanities

invites applications for a post as


in the Department of Asian Studies to be filled by August 1st, 1999.

The appointee will teach courses in Korean Language and civilisation at all
levels in the Korean Studies Programme of the department. Normal teaching
load is twelve (12) hours per week over twenty-eight (28) weeks per year.
Exams are in January and June. Academic requirement for the position is a
MA-degree in Korean Studies or similar qualifications. The Korean Studies
Programme is integrated in an East Asian Studies Programme that has one
associate professor. The department also has separate programmes in Chinese
Studies, Japanese Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian
Studies. The appointment is limited to two years and is not renewable. If
the appointee is covered by a double taxation agreement there is a
possibility of a considerable tax concession. The selected candidate should
be prepared to take up the position not later than August 1st 1999.

Applications must include full information and documentation of the
applicant's scholarly qualifications and teaching experience. If the
applicant wishes publications to be taken into account these should be
included in triplicate. Material in electronic form - such as discs - is
not accepted.

The names of the members of the appointment committee will be sent to the
applicants. Each applicant will receive their own evaluation.

Salary and other conditions of appointment are those agreed between the
Danish  Ministry of Finance and the Organisation of Academic Graduates.

Further information about the position may be obtained from Leif Littrup,
Director of the Department tel. + 45 35 32 88 22, fax + (45) 35 32 88 35.

Applications should be addressed to the Rector of the University of
Copenhagen with reference to J.nr. 401-221-153/99-4291 and sent to the
Faculty of Humanities, Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark, so that
they reach the Faculty no later than March 25th, 1999, 12 noon.

Dr. Leif Littrup
Head of Department
Department of Asian Studies
University of Copenhagen
Leifsgade 33-5
2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 353 28822
Fax: +45 353 28835
Dept.E: asienskr at coco.ihi.ku.dk


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