[KS] transliteration of Korean film titles

Darcy Paquet darcypaq at shinbiro.com
Fri Jul 9 13:22:09 EDT 1999

I have been a list member for only a month now, so if I am asking a question
that has already been amply discussed, please respond to me privately.  My
question is related to transliteration.

I maintain a webpage on Korean film, and today a reader pointed out to me
that I should probably include transliterations of the Korean film titles I
mention.  Although I've developed my own preferences for transliterating
Korean names, for this page I would like to conform to some sort of academic
standard.  Unfortunately I will be using a standard character set, so I will
have to do without diacritical marks.

My background is in Slavic languages, and I've noticed distinct differences
in use for the various styles of transliteration in Russian.  I'm hoping to
develop a feel for the same thing in Korean, in particular:

* Is there one particular system for transliterating the Korean alphabet
which is most commonly used for academic writing?
* Is there one system associated with journalism, or other styles of
* Is there a source on the web for the different systems in use?

Thank you in advance for your help.  If anyone would like to take a look at
the webpage, the address is:
It's been up for about three months; it's a hobby of mine that borders on

Darcy Paquet
Institute of Foreign Language Studies
Korea University, Seoul


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