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Junghee Lee junghee at nh1.nh.pdx.edu
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Dear members:

I need help.
I would like to ask American members what are the must see things and 
events in Korea in  educational tour for high school teachers so that 
they can teach Korea well and enjoy as well.

What interests Americans?
I don't know events Americans experience in Korea.
Are there exciting events you can think of?
How can I guide them in the summer?
Following are my suggestions but if you can think of good ones, 
please let me know.

1.  Panmunjom (from Seoul, hotel organizes the tour bus we can book).
2.  Cntemporary Art Museum near Seoul. 
3.  Mary's alley in Seoul, antique stores, should see especially on Sunday, 
when they block the street to have the Sunday market. 
4.  Olympic stadium. 
5.  Kyongbok Palace and the National Museum of Korea and 
Korean folk art museum in Kyongbok palace.
6.  Namdae mun market. 
7.  At night concerts in Sejong Culture Center in Seoul. 
8.  At night concerts in Hoam Art Hall.
 9.  At night Korean court music performance. 
10.  Traditional Korean court style food.  
11.  Ho-am Art Museum and Nature Park (Korean Disneyland). 
12.  Yitaewon shopping and Choson Hotel shopping plaza. 
13.  Korean Folk Village in Onyang.  (Tour bus from Seoul). 
14.   Visit Tongdae mun market. 
16.  Free shopping and time.  Where do foreigners go?

Cheju Island, 
1.  Hiking on Mount Halla.
2.  Chungmun beach.
3.  At night, eat at restaurant "Sora" on a cliff by the sea.
4.  Are there other fabulous resturants?
5.  KAL hotel, are there other good hotels?

Kyongju National Museum of Korea.
Visit Tomb of the Heavenly Horse, Kyerim, 5 tumuli sites.
Sonjae Museum of Modern Art in Kyongju, by Daewoo
Visit antique stores.
Visit Pulguk sa and Sokkuram.  have tea with abbot of Pulguksa.
One day trip to Haeinsa.

Visit Hyundai automobile factory.
Visit Hyundai heavy industry shipyard.
lunch at Koreana restaurant, great fried shrimp etc.
University of Ulsan.

Pusan. 3-4 days.
Visit Taejongdae rock, and beach.
Visit Pusan city museum.
Visit T'ongdosa temple.

Visit Masan and  Chinju,
Chinju National Museum of Korea to see Kaya culture.
Visit Kyongnam University.

Southern coast tour of Korea.
scenic spots and boat tours.

Southwestern part of Korea.
1.  Songni Mountain or Mudungsan Mountain.
2.  Hwaom-sa temple in South Cholla province.
3.  Kwangju city.

If you think of good things to do, please let me know.


Sincerely yours,

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