[KS] traditional Korean paper making--from Jill D'Alessandro

James K Freda jfreda at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 4 05:52:19 EDT 1999

[I am sending this for a friend. If you do, kindly respond to the email
address for Jill below.]

Dear Korean Studies List members,
I am a fiber artist.  I have been in Korea for 9 months on a Fulbright
scholarship researching hanji, traditional Korean paper.  I have read that
both the haedong yoksa and the koryo-sa discuss the manufacturing of paper
at their given times.  I am trying to discern what techniques the Koreans
invented.  Has anyone come across translations of these texts or come across
these sections.  (can tell what what chapter to have translated.)?  Also
James Gale wrote an article on paper for the Korea Magazine (1917-1919),
but I have been unable to locate the publication.  Any suggestions on where
to find this periodical?

Thank You,

Jill D'Alessandro
KAEC0043 at shinbiro.com


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