[KS] Re: American Culture in Korea: Possible Research Sources

Mark Caprio caprio at rikkyo.ne.jp
Mon Jun 21 03:01:18 EDT 1999

In response to Charles Armstrong's question on cultural policies of the US
occupation authorities in south Korea, I have looked briefly at a few
of papers on US occupation policies in hopes to find information on the
image(s) those involved in the occupation had of the Koreans as a people.  Here
I was contrasting the images of two occupations (Japanese vs. United States).  I
also looked through some of the popular magazines at the time (1945-48) to see
what line the American back home was receiving concerning the people the
US was to liberate.  I have not yet properly searched secondary source data
files and
thus do not know what else has been done.  I hope to continue this research
in the near future.

Mark Caprio
Rikkyo University
Tokyo, Japan


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