[KS] Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers

Carl Webb carlwebb at asiafind.com
Wed Jun 16 17:39:35 EDT 1999


This is an autobiography of Kim Young Sik with history notes. It is in a rough draft form, requiring much editing and a great
deal of additional information. A large portion of my memory remains repressed and archive researches and in-situ interviews
with other war participants will help unlock my memory. 

Help Wanted: A partner(s) to jointly examine US archives (US CIA, DIA, ASA, CIC, etc.), Chinese and Korean
archives on the Korean War, and to interview war participants from all sides. New findings will be incorporated into this
"Eyewitness" document to be published jointly. 

If you can help with researching, financing, editing or publishing or in any other way, please contact the author:
ysk at kimsoft.com. Thanks. 

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