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Elizabeth Ten Dyke etdyke at shiva.hunter.cuny.edu
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I don't have specific numbers, but I can say that in general Africans and
Asians came to the GDR for one of two purposes--education or work.  on the
work front, just as the FRG rebuilt itself after the war in part through
the extensive use of foreign (turkish) labor, the GDR employed significant
numbers of immigrant labor from East Asia (I think Vietnam in particular).
Africans came to the GDR primarily to study--the GDR's engineering and
technology programs far surpassed those of the  Africans' home countries.
Of course the Asian and African countries that participated in these
exchanges were those in the post-war global socialist bloc.  

If I can locate a couple specific references (to the countries of origin
of the students and workers, and the numbers of individuals) I will post

Liz Ten Dyke
Kingston, NY

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> Rudiger Frank,
> I was a US soldier in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down.  When I had the chance to trave to East Berlin I was shocked to see many asian and african people living there.  What is the history of asians in East Germany?
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