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Thu Mar 4 18:28:57 EST 1999

Call for Papers


We would like to invite you to be a presenter for our 4th international
conference on Korean studies.  The conference, entitled “Koreans Abroad
and the New Generation,” will be held at Yonsei University, Seoul, from
June 27 to June 30 of this year. This is sponsored by the Foundation for
SAT II Korean and Yonsei University.

You will be needed for one of the sessions of the following tentative
topics.  You may choose your own specific theme in relation to your
field and need to submit proposal consting of no more than 100 words on
the papers to be presented at the conference by the end of March.  A
study on any aspect of the “Koreans Abroad and the New Generation,”
including language, literature, history, education, society, religion,
and arts, is welcome.  Each session covers 3 to 4 papers.  Tentative
sessions are:

1. Individual Papers x 1
2. Korean Modern History and Immigration History x 1
3. Korean Literature: Translation and Transplantation x 2
4. Korean Art and Tradition in the Age of Globalization x 1
5. Education in the Multicultural Society x 1
6. Korean Thoughts and World Thoughts x 1
7. Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language and as a Heritage Language x 4
8. Koreans Abroad: Present and Future x 1

Papers to be presented at the conference should be submitted by the
beginning of June for the review of discussants and print of handout.
It is hoped that the papers will be put together for publication in the
4th Conference Proceedings, following revision based on discussion and
other interactions.  Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages, double
spaced. The oral presentation should last approximately 20 minutes.

No honorarium or travel expenses will be provided; however, room and
board accommodations will be provided to contributors for the entire
conference stay.  Any inquiry on the proposed conference should be
directed to the below identified Co-chairs of the Conference Organizing

Feb. 20, 1999

Tschung-Sun Kim, Ph.D.                             Ha Soo Kim, Ph.D.
Keimyung University                                    Yonsei University

pipkim at earthlink.net
kimhs at sentence.yonsei.ac.kr


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