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Dr. Henry Kim koreanamericanliterature at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 17:55:56 EST 1999

hello fellow listserv members -

many of you recently requested a copy of the list
I compiled of all the published Korean American
novelists. so you might also want to keep your eyes
open for the May issue (_two_ issues from now) of the
KoreAm Journal, who asked me to write an article
on the Korean American Literature textbook I am
writing. it seems the article will be a full color
spread, and I will have scanned pictures of the
front covers of all the Korean American novels
(young adult as well as adult long fiction).

also, I am seeking quotes from any of you who would
like to share thoughts on Korean American Literature
so that I can include the quotes in my article.
I'm looking for a little more than "yes, Korean
American Literature has come a long way." I welcome
any specific comments, but I need them within 2 weeks.
please draw upon your experiences as teachers as well
as readers.

for example, can anybody comment on:
1) comparisons and relationships between _Korean_
literature and Korean _American_ literature?
2) changes, developments, trends
3) themes, problems etc.
4) historical perspectives
5) etc..


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