[KS] R: I: Korean Studies in Florence

Andrea Campana md3206 at mclink.it
Tue Mar 30 12:45:29 EST 1999

Dear Barba,

I am sorry, but I received also requests for a new format in the files that
I sent, with the same unpleasant way used by you.


> Da: Didier Barbas-Victorien <dbvic at maincc.hufs.ac.kr>
> A: korean-studies at mailbase.ac.uk
> Oggetto: Re: I: Korean Studies in Florence
> Data: mercoledì 31 marzo 1999 14.07
> >
> > If you require further information or you have any proposal, you can
> > contact me at the following address: md3206 at mclink.it
> > I hope to discuss this initiative soon, in the occasion of the AKSE
> > conference in Hamburg.
> Yeah right... Next time check if we are interested to receive 56Kb before
> you send 'em. Especially when you are planning to send doublons! Spamming
> the members of this list with that kind of things has already been
> 'discussed'. It is not always well received...
> D. Barbas


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