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Dear Dr. Kim:  

I have a little bit on Il-Han New in my records of the Seoul Foreigners
Cemetery at Yanghwajin, where he bought a plot (never used) for his family.
Yu Ilhan (Il-Han New) was the son of Korean Christian parents (Baptist)
converted at the turn of the century.  They arranged for him to attend
school in the United States, first in Kearney, Nebraska, and then at the
University of Michigan.  After graduation, he founded the La Choy Food
Products company in 1921, which eventually developed into one of America's
most famous Chinese food companies.  In Korea in 1926 he founded the Yuhan
pharmaceutical company in Korea.  
Yu Il-han's daughter Janet New may still be living, I think in the San
Francisco Bay Area.

Don Clark

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> hello everybody -
> was wondering if anybody knew about a list already
> compiled of the university professors teaching
> Korean American fiction in their Asian American
> literature courses...
> also, does anybody know anything about author
> Il-Han New (1928 When I Was a Boy in Korea)? thanks!
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