[KS] Re: Query Re: chil-guh-ji-ak

Myongho Oh fo2a504 at uni-hamburg.de
Wed Mar 24 14:00:08 EST 1999

> Mia Yun schrieb:
> Dear List,In Confucian Choson, there were seven grounds upon which a
> man could divorce his wife.  They were called chil-guh-ji-ak in
> Korean.  The failure of a woman to produce a male heir and jealousy
> are two of them.  What are the rest?   Any help would be greatly
> appreciated..

1.  She doesn´t obey the parents-in-law.
2.  She doesn´t give birth of  a son.
3.  She is voluptous.
4. She is jealous.
5. She has  serious desease.
6. She gabbles too much.
7. She steals.

M. Oh


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