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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
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Dear list members:

Thank you so much for your help regarding Korean theses -- apart from the
postings here on the list I also received a few helpful tips by David Hundt
and others directly to my e-mail account.

Here is my short summary of your mails -- it may be of interest for some of

SEARCHING for Korean theses online:
It seems that copies of most if not all sôksa and paksa theses after 1945
are either in the National Assembly Library (Kukhoe Tosôgwan) or in the
Korean National Library (Kungnip Chungang Tosôgwan). You can search the
online catalogs of these libraries from there Web pages, but I found it
quicker to use the gateway provided by Aranet at:
http://www.aranet.co.kr/search.htm    (using "aranet" as user name & password)
Aranet also provides its own theses database (link on the page above) which
has a few advantages over the other theses databases -- e.g., I found it
very useful to go into "The arts" category, then choose "Painting &
paintings," and then "Historical & geographical treatment" to get a list of
759 theses on painting, a great number of these on Korean painting.

ORDERING Korean theses abroad:
It seems there are a number of different companies that copy and bind
theses. One is the mentioned Aranet company. More info about their prices
etc. is posted on their main Web page:
Another one is Academy Infra at:
I am not sure, however, if they are willing to send theses to customers
abroad, especially if it comes to small orders. (No responses to my e-mails
so far.)
However, the small company named Xing Service that Mr. Sang-Yoon Ma
mentioned is very clear about this point. They offer to send Korean theses
copies to customers abroad, and they also have a Web site were you can get
further information:
Xing Service also has a page with useful links to other online databases in

OTHER useful online databases in Korea:
database of theses done by Koreans at overseas universities (Korean lang.)
Arts (music, dance, fine arts) related publications database (Korean lang.)
Korean history bibliography (Korean lang.)

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