[KS] Re: Translation grants

Fred Alford falford at gvpt.umd.edu
Sat Sep 18 12:01:51 EDT 1999

Dear Brother Anthony: I just sent you a copy of THINK NO EVIL: KOREAN VALUES IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION.  Regards and thanks.  I suppose it will take about 2 weeks via air mail.  Fred Alford

<<< Brother Anthony <anthony at ccs.sogang.ac.kr>  9/17  8:11p >>>
Perhaps some may be interested in the announcement of the Ministry of
Culture etc's Translation Foundation's translation grants at
http://www.ktf.or.kr/  while others may simply be happy / unhappy to
savour the quality of the Foundation's own English translation (I gather
heads may roll). Posters with (more or less) the same text are arriving.
Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul



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