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Darcy Paquet darcypaq at shinbiro.com
Fri Sep 3 20:34:08 EDT 1999

>can anyone recommend some Korean movies which deal with the >experience of
Korean women, peasants or the  working class during the >'korean miracle'?

My favorite Korean film centers on an illicit affair in a small working
class community outside of Seoul.  For me there is no other film that better
captures the frustration and despair of being left out of the miracle.  It's
quite highly regarded in Korea (voted the 10th best film in Korean
history)but pretty unknown elsewhere, although Jang's later works have
received a lot of exposure:

<The Lovers of Woomook-baemi> dir. Jang Sun-woo, 1990.

You can order a video without subtitles at http://www.iodo.com.  I know that
a subtitled print has been made, but I don't know whether one exists in the

Another film that tackles this issue in a more direct and political manner
is <A Single Spark> by Park Kwang-soo, about labor activist Jeon Tae-il.
You would probably have an easier time finding this print.  There's an
article about the film at http://wsws.org/arts/1996/jun1996/pks-j17.shtml

If you have further questions, contact me off-line and I'll be happy to tell
you more.

Good luck,
Darcy Paquet

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