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Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Tue Aug 29 07:38:27 EDT 2000

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My wife is due in a couple of weeks and we found out a few curious facts 
about gynecologists. First of all we have a hard time finding one, who 
allows us to stay during the birth. We went to one, who didn't even allowed 
me to stay during the internal investigation. Being the stubborn Dutchman I 
am, of course I stayed. Pay in mind that in Holland it's still customary 
that children are born at home and there are not many mothers who would 
like to do that differently. A midwife comes to your house and with the 
density of hospitals, in case something appears to be life endangering, 
they can go to the hospital very soon.

First of all I was surprised that a cloth was hanging down so we couldn't 
see what he was doing. Then the internal examination did hurt her a lot. 
This is her second child and we never experienced anything like that before.

The closer the delivery comes the stranger things we hear. The hands of the 
women are bound during the delivery (mandatory), they have to walk, to the 
delivery table as the child almost comes out, the vaginal cut is obligatory 
and after the delivery she HAS to walk back to another room and bed,
  just imagine the pain after your vagina has been cut? I am a man, but I 
had an operation in a similar region and I know it hurts like hell.

It is advised not to take a shower for at least 5 days, others mention a 
period of three weeks. Also it is advised NOT to brush your teeth during a 
couple of weeks. The hepatitis injection is mandatory and they still slap 
the baby on the bottom. The mother and baby are separated immediately.

You get medicine to urinate and defecate also mandatory, also the shaving 
of the pubic hair is mandatory.

I think this is a rude way to enter the world as a new world citizen and I 
think it's especially stressful for the mother, but also for the child. Who 
said that Koreans are very fond of children and value mothers?

Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)

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