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sunwukong sunwukong at hananet.net
Thu Aug 17 18:12:52 EDT 2000

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I was directly inconvenienced by this strike.  My son takes medication
for high blood pressure and it was a bear getting his refils.  All the
folks in line were cursing KDJ for the policy change.  But I think it
makes sense.  Dr examines paitent, perscribes medicine. Pharmicist fills
perscription based on doctors best guess at what is good for the
paitent.  With Drs filling perscriptions I doubt that they were always
thinking foremost of the paitents needs.  Without a doubt medicines are
outrageously expensive.  That may change as more pharacudical companies
come on line.

goodwins wrote:
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> Hello:
> I've been in a bit of a computer vacuum for several weeks now and I was
> just wondering whether anyone knows any of the "inside details"
> regarding the recent medical workers strike in Korea.
> This day's KHerald states: "Tens of thousands of doctors, including
> interns and residents, went on a full strike ... protest a government
> sponsored medical reform program. The reform draws a clear line between
> the responsibilities of doctors and pharmacists, but doctors oppose the
> new system as it deprives them of the right to sell drugs, a major
> source of income. Under the new scheme ... doctors are prohibited from
> dispensing drugs while pharmacists are banned from selling drugs without
> doctors' prescriptions."
> Can anyone comment on the government's motivations here?
> Do these "reforms" herald the deregulation of the prescription drug
> industry in Korea; i.e., an imperative being --more or less-- imposed
> upon the Korean government by the large U.S. drug manufacturers whose
> interests must surely, somehow have been furthered by the general
> deregulation/liberalization package that was imposed on Korea by the
> WB/IMF back in '97?
> Anyone no anything about the political economy of RX drugs in Korea?
> Thanks,
> Mike Goodwin
> (Toronto, CA & College Station, TX)

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