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Rupert Atkinson rupert at www.cuk.ac.kr
Thu Aug 31 06:10:31 EDT 2000

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My wife (Korean) and I shopped around in vain to find a decent place in our vicinity 
that would allow me to see the childbirth.  The most amazing thing was that after the 
birth they kept the baby for the best part of a week, away from both the mother and 
myself, just showing him to us through a window for two minutes twice a day.  After 
a few days, my wife was allowed to breast feed for thirty minutes.  Other families 
were in the same predicament, and so there were about 30 people trying to peer 
through the window at the same time.  To be honest, I found the whole specatacle 
rather amusing, which is just as well really.  I also noticed that some of the other 
Korean families were not too happy about it either.  This was at a major hospital.  I 
can only conclude that they are too busy, with limited facilities to offer anything else.

Rupert Atkinson

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