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Wed Aug 30 12:36:15 EDT 2000

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At 10:50 PM 8/30/00, Hilary Finchum wrote:
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>As a researcher in Korea and a woman expecting her first child, I feel 
>that I should comment.  First of all, I understand what Mr.


>Two more things: Mr. Savenije, you can travel via plane up to the 8th month.

Well if the delivery is due in a couple of weeks, that option it out of the 
question. I actually had to coerce my (again Korean) wife in going to look 
for a hospitable, because she doesn't believe in the Korean system at all, 
and having lived in Holland for three years, she just thought, she would 
wait till the contractions started and then go to the hospital. I think she 
was even more upset with the treatment than I was. I was upset to say at 
the least, but even though she reacted quite meek towards the doctor, she 
was furious once back at home.

>You must get a note from your doctor if you feel the need to fly after the 
>32nd week of pregnancy (although flying that late is not recommended by 
>any medical professional, Korean or Western).  And, best of luck in 
>finding the best care with which you and your wife are comfortable.

At least thanks to the reactions we got a lot of information and 
possibilities. We even found a midwife who was willing to come our house to 
deliver the baby. She lives far away, but she understands our feelings and 
even though I don't speak Korean (well I should add) it doesn't really 
matter. I understand the initial shock some people went through, but as I 
said, I added them, because my wife wanted it, and I was still upset enough 
to comply to her wish. I am sorry I have upset the people on the list, on 
the other hand, I think it also brought up a good discussion and surely a 
lot of help, for which I thank everybody.

And last but not least, please refer to me as Henny in the future ;-)

Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)

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