[KS] Re: Doctor's Strike

Rupert Atkinson rupert at www.cuk.ac.kr
Thu Aug 17 21:27:00 EDT 2000

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sunwukong wrote:
I was directly inconvenienced by this strike.  My son takes medication

> for high blood pressure and it was a bear getting his refils.  All the
> folks in line were cursing KDJ for the policy change.  But I think it
> makes sense.  Dr examines paitent, perscribes medicine. Pharmicist fills
> perscription based on doctors best guess at what is good for the
> paitent.  With Drs filling perscriptions I doubt that they were always
> thinking foremost of the paitents needs.  Without a doubt medicines are
> outrageously expensive.  That may change as more pharacudical companies
> come on line.
> ------------------------

I don't think so.  The Docs will be tempted to prescribe the drugs that bring
in most profit to themselves.  If they are out of the money circle, they are
more likely to prescribe the best drugs for the particular need.  By the way,
I got some medicine the other day under this new system and it cost me only
W1000.  The pharmacist told me it would have been W8000 under the old system.

Rupert Atkinson

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