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Professor Chong Chin-sok's PhD, mentioned in Frank Hoffman's reply, was
published in both Korean and English versions by Nanam Publications Company,
Seoul, in 1987, under the title "The Korean Problem in Anglo-Japanese
Relations 1904-10: Ernest Thomas Bethell and His Newspapers: The Daehan
Maeil Shinbo and the Korea Daily News".

Professor Chong was - and may still be - at Hankuk University of Foreign
Studies, and was also closely linked with the Korean Correspondents Club. He
organised an exhibition about Bethell, with much original material some
six-eight years ago.

Professor Ku Dae-yeol of Ehwa University has also written about Bethell in a
Korean-language book - the name escapes me. There are short accounts in the
paper I published in the TKBRAS (vol. 58, pp.1-34) in 1983 on the British in
Korea, and also in my "The British in Korea: Graves and Monuments" in "Korea
Journal", vol. 23, no. 3 (March 1983) p. 28-36, but these are not nearly as
detailed as the works of Professor Chong.

Best wishes

Jim Hoare 

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