[KS] Re: Romanization Chart

kushibo jdh95 at hitel.net
Mon Aug 14 19:46:11 EDT 2000

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Frank Hoffmann wrote:
>>I like John Harvey's suggestion of turning the breve upside down in
>>order to use what Microsoft has deemed a more useful diacritic; it
>>would have better to work to make that standard rather than replace
>>it with eo.
> "Microsoft Word 2000" (on IBM compatible PCs) already inculdes the o,
> u, O and U with the brèves on top. It's only a matter of time that
> Mac (or the Mac version of the Microsoft program) will come out with
> a similar version, and that this will be available in system fonts.
> Maybe within one year it's all there.

Great! I guess I had misunderstood what was said about this sometime ago.
There have been fonts made for Mac that had the breve, but Apple didn't
include the breve as a standard. Good to know that Microsoft is including
it. What keys are used?


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