[KS] Alceste

Andrea Campana ancampana at libero.it
Sun Dec 31 06:49:34 EST 2000

Dear all,

I have found a copy of the book written around 1816 about the voyage of
the ship "Alceste" to Korea, etc (4-5 illustrations, a map and around
300 pp. of text).

Since I am not a specialist of that age, could you tell me if the
aforementioned book is now very rare to find (or not), and maybe give to
me a approx. evaluation (in dollars) of it? (I think that the bookstore 
that has is asking too much of it: $375)

G. Andrea Campana
Dottore di Ricerca
Storia delle Relazioni Internazionali
via Guido Banti 20/a
50139 Firenze (Italia)
Tel +39/055/4377455
ancampana at libero.it

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