[KS] BAKS 2000 Conference

James H Grayson J.H.Grayson at sheffield.ac.uk
Sat Feb 26 05:34:08 EST 2000

 New Roman</param><bigger><bigger><bigger><bigger>ANNOUNCEMENT<smaller><sm=

<center><bigger><bigger>BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR KOREAN 

<center>YEAR 2000 BIENNIAL MEETING<smaller></center>

<center>Special Theme:  Religion and Politics in Contemporary Korea</cente=

<center>Dates:  3 to 4 September, 2000</center>

<center>Venue:  Sorby Hall, The University of Sheffield</bold></center>

<flushboth><bold>1.  Invitation to Present Papers</bold></flushboth>

<flushboth>The 2000 biennial conference of the Association will be held fr=
om 3 to 4 
September at Sorby Hall of The University of Sheffield.  The special 
theme for the Conference will be the condition and character of religion 
in contemporary Korean society with particular consideration being 
given to the political context of society broadly defined.</flushboth>

<flushboth>There will be two keynote speakers presenting papers on the spe=
theme, Dr. Donald N. Clark of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas 
(Christianity in contemporary Korea), and Dr. Henrik Sorenson of 
Copenhagen (Buddhism and ontemporary Korea). Other papers on the 
special theme of religion in contemporary Korea are also invited to 
broaden and deepen the discussion of the theme </flushboth>

<flushboth><bold>Although the conference has a special theme, papers are i=
nvited on 
topics from any disciplinary area covering all aspects of 
contemporary or pre-modern Korea.</bold></flushboth>

<flushboth>Paper proposalss for consideration for inclusion in this year=92=
Conference should be sent to the Conference Organiser Dr. James H. 
Grayson no later than <bold>17 April, 2000</bold>.  Papers may be sent by =
post to the 
Conference Organiser at :                                                 =

<flushboth>The School of East Asian Studies, The University of Sheffield, =
Bank, Sheffield  S10 2UJ, U.K. </flushboth>

<flushboth>or by email to J.H.Grayson at Sheffield.ac.uk.   Paper proposals s=
ent by 
email should be written in Word 6 format.  Dr. Grayson=92s telephone 
number is +44 114 222-8418.</flushboth>

<flushboth>Each presenter will allotted a 30 minute presentation session i=
n which to 
give his or her paper. A paper should be written so that it can be 
presented in approximately 20 minutes. Ten minutes will be allotted in 
each presentation session to allow for discussion of the paper.</flushboth=

<flushboth>It is anticipated that selected papers from the Conference will=
published in the series <italic>Papers of the British Association for Kore=
Studies</italic>. </flushboth>

<flushboth><bold>2. Conference Fees and Expenses</bold></flushboth>

<flushboth>Anyone interested in attending the conference should contact th=
Conference Organiser by post at The School of East Asian Studies, The 
University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield  S10 2UJ, U.K. or by 
email to J.H.Grayson at Sheffield.ac.uk. indicating that they would like to 
attend.  Participants requiring accommodation are asked to pre-pay =A320 
no later than two weeks in advance of the Conference date.  Participants 
not requiring accommodation are asked to pre-pay =A35 in advance. If you 
have any dietary or any other special requirements, please notify the 
Conference Organiser when pre-paying so that preparations may be made 
beforehand. </flushboth>

<flushboth>The site of the Conference will be the recently refurbished hal=
l of 
residence, Sorby Hall. Accommodation is in the hall in single rooms with 
shared toilet and bath facilities. All meals will be in the hall=92s centr=
refectory.  </flushboth>

<flushboth>The costs of attending the conference are given below. Persons =
to attend are asked indicate on the form whether they will be 1) attending=
only, or 2) attending and requiring accommodation.  The form should 
returned to the Conference Organiser including the appropriate pre-
registration fee. Email pre-registrations are not accepted unless followed=
by a hard-copy registration form with the pre-registration fee. All fees 
may be paid by cheque in Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars, or Euros and 
made out in favour of the British Association for Korean Studies.</flushbo=

<flushboth>More detailed information on transport to Sheffield, and the lo=
cation and 
facilities of the Conference venue will be sent out to pre-registrants. </=

<flushboth><bold>a. Conference Registration Fee  </bold></flushboth>

<flushboth>    *  Member  -  =A35</flushboth>

<flushboth>    *  Student - gratis</flushboth>

<flushboth>    *  Non-member - =A3 5</flushboth>

<flushboth><bold>b.  Conference Attendance Fees</bold></flushboth>

<flushboth>    1) Attendance Only Fee (2 days)</flushboth>

<flushboth>         (includes 3 meals and refreshments but no accommodatio=
n)  -  =A325</flushboth>

<flushboth>    2) Attendance and Accommodation Fee </flushboth>

         (includes 3 meals, refreshments  and accommodation for one night)

         -  =A355<FontFamily><param>Arial</param>


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