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The Review of Korean Studies is a fully refereed journal
dedicated to promoting Korean Studies on an international level.
The Review is published by The Academy of Korean Studies(homepage :
www.aks.ac.kr), and the latest issue, volume 2, was put out in
September 1999.  The Review is designed to afford Koreanists in all
fields of Korean Studies throughout the world the opportunity to
publish the results of their research.  This is, in the opinion of
the Academy, one of the best ways to advance Korean Studies as an
academic discipline.

Each issue of the Review has several articles on a special topic in
addition to other
papers on various subjects.  The Review also has a special Korean
Studies forum that
provides a platform for scholars to voice their opinions on critical
issues in Korean
Studies.  Additionally, there is a substantial book review section
covering books?in both
English and Korean?on issues of importance to the field.

Volume 1, 1998
Tradition and Modernity in Transition Period
Myths, Beliefs and Religion in Korean Society

Volume 2, 1999
The Tumultuous Clash in East Asia: Confucianism and the Global
Eclipsing Intellectual Barriers: Korean Studies in the Twenty-first

Volume 3, Number 1, June 2000
Changing Cultural Discourses on Korean Identity
Religion and Society in the Colonial Period

Volume 3, Number 2, December 2000
Narratives of Identity
The Philosophy of Tasan


The Review welcomes original articles on any area of the study of
Korea.  All submissions should be double-spaced throughout, including
text, tracts, quotations and footnotes internally as well as between
In general, follow style guidelines established in the 14th edition
of the Chicago Manual of Style.  For Korean words, romanize according
the MOE-modified McCune-Reischauer system.  Papers should be 15-30
pages in length, and be accompanied with an abstract of 150-200 words
brief biography of the author.  Additional instructions for authors
can be obtained from the address below.  Please send three hard
copies and a diskette formatted in either HWP or MS Word.  The Review
also provides an honorarium to contributors.  Send manuscripts to:

Haechang Choung, Editor-in-Chief
The Academy of Korean Studies
50 Unjung-dong, Pundang-gu
Songnam-shi, Kyonggi-do
Korea  463-791
hcchoung at aks.ac.kr
rcaks at aks.ac.kr

Ordering Information

The Review of Korean Studies is available to individuals and
institutions for US $12.00 per copy, or w?n 10,000 in Korea.  This
price includes handling and surface-rate postage.
All orders must be accompanied by correct payment.

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