[KS] Publication of the Winter 1999 Korea Journal!

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Tue Feb 8 20:50:38 EST 2000

Dear List Members:

We would like to announce the publication of the Winter 1999 Korea Journal. In closing the century and the millennium we opted for a sort of retrospective titled: "100 Years of Modern Korean Literature Revisited."

It contains the following articles which should be of great interest not only to specialists in literature but to anyone interested in modern Korean cultural and intellectual history:

1. The Emergence of  Aesthetic Ideology in Modern Korean       Literary Criticism: An Essay on Yi Kwang-su (Hwang Jong-yon)
2. Hong Myong-hui: Korea's Finest Historical Novelist (Kang Young-Zu)
3. Extravagance and Authenticity: Romantic Love and the Self in Early Modern Korean Literature (Kim Uchang)
4. A Study of Manhae Han Yong-un (Yom Moo-Ung)
5. Seoul, Tokyo, New York: Modern Korean Literature Seen through Yi Sang's "Lost Flowers" (Choi Won-shik)
6. The Poetry of Kim Su-yong; The Living Kim Su-yong (Paik Nak-chung)
7. Shin Tong-yop: A Retrospective Prophet (Yu Jongho).

In addition to these, there are three articles which fall under the general heading: "Korean Protestantism in the Modern Age," as well as our ongoing Cultural Heritage Series and Book Notes.

Please direct any inquiries you may have regarding availability to the following address: eakim at mail.unesco.or.kr. 

Yours truly,

Yi Jeong-hyeon
Korea Journal


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