[KS] Re: Yuldo

John Frankl jmfrankl at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 28 03:20:49 EST 2000

"I assume that either Mr. Frankl is working with another version of the
tale, in which case I'd be fascinated and wd like to see a citation of the
text, even a posting of the relevant passages, or that he dashed his
message off in an unthinking moment (many of us have done likewise--it's
somewhat in the nature of e-mail).  In any case, I do hope that he can
the time to clarify what his argument or intention is in regard to this
truly important work.

Yours, Walter K. Lew"

Thanks to both Frank Hoffmann and Walter Lew for their replies. 
I plead guilty to both of the above, more to the former. I originally
ended my post with a lengthy question about "ibon" or alternate versions
of the tale, but, unfortunately, opted to delete it. Ch'unhyang-chon,
for example, has, I believe, somewhere in the low-teens. But I will go
back to the version of Hong Kiltong chon I have and quote or repent as
each passage warrants.    

As for intention,
mine was also to shed some light on misinterpretation. Mine may be a
reaction to my own late-80s/early-90s schooling in Korea (South) where at
the time I was often treated to anachronistic readings of the tale as an
instance of socialist revolution, etc. I saw it more as one man changing
the one thing keeping him from elite status and not a levelling of
status/class itself. 

John Frankl


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