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Kenneth R. Robinson krrobins at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Feb 5 13:08:40 EST 2000

<fontfamily><param>Palatin*</param><bigger><bigger>To the Listserve,

The February meeting of the Chosenshi kenkyukai will be held Saturday,
February 19, from 1:30 pm.  This month's speakers are:

Research Report:

KwOn YOngjun.  "The Problems of Recognition and Opposition for the
Korean Provisional Government during the Anti-Japanese War:
Negotiations with the Chinese Nationalist Government"

Book Review:

Sofue Rie.  "Made in Korea: Chung Ju Yung and the Rise of Hyundai,"
Richard M. Steers.  New York: Routledge, 1999.

The meeting will be held at the Kanda campus of Senshuu University,
Room 207.  Senshuu University is near the Kudanshita and Jimbochou
stations, and is a short walk from the used bookstore district known as
Kanda or Jimbochou.

For more information please contact Ken Robinson.



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