[KS] RE: Korean linguistics

kimrenau kimrenau at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Tue Feb 8 15:22:57 EST 2000

Yes, there is a listserv organized by the International Circle of Korean 
Linguistics (ICKL).  The address is as follows:

      Korean Linguistics [ICKL at LISTSERV.UTA.EDU]

Best regards,
Young-Key Kim-Renaud

>===== Original Message From korean-studies at mailbase.ac.uk =====
>Is anybody aware of a listserv, in English, devoted exclusively to
>Korean linguistics? (or perhaps Asian languages. I probably can't
>be too choosy.)
>I know of a few listservs for learning korean, and several regarding
>linguistics, etc., but I'm looking for a theoretical linguistics-oriented
>listserv for the discussion of Korean syntax, morphology,
>phonemics, pragmatics, etc.


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