[KS] Re: Unicode / breves

John Duggan duggan_john at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 00:44:47 EST 2000

Dear Frank et al,

    Regarding the issue of transcription:

    There is a wonderful little DOS program on Frank's site (ROMAN.EXE) that 
allows one to romanize Korean according to the MOE modified M-R system.  
This was supposedly put out by the MOE.  It features romanizing han'gUl 
personal and place names by the rules, and allows you to create an 
exceptions dictionary.  You can also run an entire text through it, then 
import the output file into Word and run a few global replacements to get 
    Does anybody know who might have the source code for this?  If it could 
be brought up to date, it would be a great tool.

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