[KS] Re: Unicode / breves !!!

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 13 23:58:39 EST 2000

>    Let me be one of the throng that informs you that, on the introduction
>of MS Office 2000, you're off by a millennium. I've been enjoying it for at
>least six months.

Oh well, I must have mixed this up with the release date for Windows 2000.
In that case, can you tell us if -- with Office 2000, but under Windows '98
(or 95) -- there is a way to display the mentioned o- and u-breves and
marcons? And in case not (?), do you know if this will be possible under
Windows 2000? .... I guess it must.

> (By the way, I
>note that The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0, was first printed in 1996.)

Unicode 3.0 was only published a few days ago -- this month.  See here
Unicode 1.0 came out in October 1991, and Unicode 2.0 in July 1996,  b u t
a number of important updates were made in 1998.
However, I did not in any way indicate that *Unicode* is what is new. I am
trying to say that since last year, and much more so this year, Unicode has
become *meaningful* because it is only now that it is implemented in
computer operating systems and software programs. Before it was just a
theoretical construct on paper without practical many consequences.

Since you say the MS Office 2000 with its All-in-All font is already out
since half a year, and since all Korea uses Windows (not Mac), it is even
harder to understand why these technical arguments about the non-existing
breves still come up in the transcription discussion.

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