[KS] Re: Chosun dynasy royal records on the internet

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 22 23:31:03 EST 2000

That's great, but on a Mac I cannot enter any KOREAN script to search the
Does this work under Windows, I mean non-Korean Windows with TwinBridge or
any other Korean language support system???


>Dear All
>Good news! The entire Chosun dynasty royal records on CD-ROM, also the
>History of Koryu Dynasty and a bunch of other stuff can be used through the
>internet.  Look up www.lib.cau.ac.kr/cdrom/hancd3.htm.
>Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)
>Feel free to visit
>and feel the thrill of Hamel discovering Korea (1653-1666)
>Western maps about Korea (1500~1800)

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