[KS] Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Feb 26 16:29:20 EST 2000

Hi all!

There may be a slide uncertainty if the _Harvard Korean Studies
Bibliography_ is actually out or not, since Amazon.com (and other online
bookstores) do still list it as forthcoming. I just got three such
inquiries by e-mail.

Yes, it is available!
Harvard UP has it and you can order copies either directly from Harvard UP
or via any other bookseller -- online or not. It may take a while until
such databases as the one by Amazon.com get updated, but in spite of their
Web site info they will deliver now. The volume _Colonial Modernity in
Korea_ (Harvard UP) is also still listed as forthcoming in "May 2000," even
though it actually came out in December of last year. A great book to get,
by the way.

Here again the HKSB info page:  http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~korbib/

Have a nice weekend!

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