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Keith Howard kh at soas.ac.uk
Tue Feb 22 13:11:17 EST 2000

I, too, previously thought the early 1970s was the time when this venerable
album was recorded, but John Levy's notes are dated -- 1969 -- on the
original LP issue, even though the disc itself has no publication date.

The final track features both the clapperless bells and the stone chimes,
and the programme note runs as follows:

'As these instruments are seldom heard, I asked the musicians to play them
by themselves. The stone chimes are suspended on a wooden frame which
stands on wooden geese, the bronze bells on a wooden frame on wooden lions.
They progress chromatically from lower right to lower left and then from
upper left to upper right, from C to D sharp in the higher octave.'

I guess that if you want to go further, you could consult John Levy's
archived materials at Edinburgh; Dr Song Hyejin, senior researcher at the
National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts in Seoul, did some
work on these materials a few years ago.

Keith Howard

>I need a bit of help on a citation. There used to be an old
>recording on Lyrichord called Korean Court Music (LYRCD 7206).
>It was the one put out by John Levy many moons ago.  It has
>since been reissued on CD and one finds it on the Lyrichord www
>site.  I wonder though if anyone knows the year for this
>recording.  Does the 72 in the catalog number indicate 1972?
>The problem is that i live out of a suitcase and don't actually
>have the CD handy to look at (it is in a box in a basement on
>another continent), i am wondering if anyone has it on their
>shelves within arms reach and can give me the year and tell me
>again if this is (as i recall) the CD that has recordings of the
>P'youn'gyoung at the end of the record and if so, if anyone can
>give me that little snippet from the liner notes where he talks
>about how rare these chimes are, etc.  I've been all over Seoul
>this morning looking for this dinosaur, but to no avail and i
>(unexpectedly) need to cite it.
>kevin parks
>Seoul Institute of the Arts
>kevin at raven.dartmouth.edu
>ps.  If anyone does have this info and can shout it out to me,
>it may be best to do it off list, particularly since i get the
>digest version of the list, but also to keep the traffic down.

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