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Kirsten Bell Kirsten.Bell at jcu.edu.au
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Sorry to clog up the discussion list with another
request.  Unfortunately, my access to Korean studies
resources is extremely limited (the nearest library
with comprehensive KS resources is over a thousand miles
away) and I am hoping a member of the list may be able
to help me out...

I have several queries relating to the topic of
pilgrimage, as I have been unable to find any
information regarding the phenomenon in Korea.

I am wondering about the history of pilgrimage
traditions in Korea.  I am particularly interested in
pilgrimage in the sense defined by Victor Turner - i.e.
the notion of a group experience focusing on the
facilitation of \"communitas\".  From my limited reading
of pre-Christian traditions in Korea, it seems that the
notion of pilgrimage in this Christian/Western sense,
was essentially alien to the country.  This may seem
fairly self-evident, but obviously this notion of group
pilgrimage does exist in other non-Western traditions
such as Hinduism.  I would really like to know if there
have been comparable pilgrimages in Korea.  As my
knowledge of Korean Buddhism, Shamanism and Confucianism
are all fairly rudimentary, I was wondering whether
formal, group pilgrimage to sacred sites has existed in
any of these traditions.  Many of the new religions such
as Ch\\\'ondogyo and Taejonggyo encourage these formal
group-oriented pilgrimages, but I would like to know
whether this represents the continuation of earlier
traditions, or is due to the influence of Christianity
(I suspect the latter).

I was also wondering about the term songji sullye.  Does
anyone know the origins of this word?  In Ch\'ondogyo 
the term is used to describe the sort of group-oriented
pilgrimage common to Christianity.  However, was the
term traditionally used in such a fashion?  Or did it
describe an individual, personal quest (or pilgrimage)
to a sacred site?

If anyone would be willing to shed some light on these
queries, I would appreciate it if you would contact me
personally on:
kirsten.bell at jcu.edu.au


Kirsty Bell
School of Anthropology, Archaeology & Sociology
James Cook University
Douglas, Qld 4811

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