[KS] Japan's Role for Peace and Prosperity", ICAS Winter Symposium & ICAS Dinner, Febraury 11, 2000, University of Pennsylvania

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Sat Mar 4 15:42:35 EST 2000

Dear Friend:

Ambassador Takekazu Kawamura of Japan in New York delivered keynote
speech, "Japan's Role for Peace and Prosperity in the New Century",
at the ICAS Winter Symposium/ICAS Dinner: Asia's Challenges Ahead,
on February 11, 2000 at the University of Pennsylvania.  A complete
text is posted on the "ICAS Winter Symposium, 2000"/"ICAS Winter
Symposium"/"ICAS Reception & Dinner" page and/or "ICAS Lectures" page
of the ICAS website (http://www.dvol.com/~users/icas).

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Institute for Corean-American Studies (aks ICAS) is a non-profit,
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non-agent of any government and solely supported by voluntary
contributions.  ICAS promotes pertinent relations and conducts
appropriate activities to enhance cooperation and to pursue peace and
prosperity.  Further information about ICAS and some examples of
previous activities may be found on the ICAS website
(http://www.dvol.com/~users/icas). Thank you.


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