[KS] Han'gUl and Windows

Eugene Y. Park eugene.park at yale.edu
Sat Mar 4 19:09:49 EST 2000

Dear List:

As a new PC convert (thus an ex-Mac user), I have some technical questions
concerning Han'gUl and Windows:

(1) I'm now using English Windows 98 and MS Office 2000 with its Korean
support feature.  How do I get breves?  As far as I know, MS Office 2000
has them, but I don't seem to be able to figure this out...

(2) Do I have to install Korean Windows on my PC to manage databases using
Hanja?  For some time, I've been building a database (using Latin
alphabet) of ChosOn military exam (mukwa) graduates (currently some 6,000
men).  In the long run, it may well have to accomodate over 30,000
individual records.  Edward Wagner's munkwa database, by the way, uses Mac
program.  Any recommendations on a database program suitable for this kind
of a project?

(3) Do I have to install Han'gUl Windows to run all these Korean CD ROMs
like ChosOn wangjo sillok and Sama pangmok?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Gene Park


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