[KS] ICAS Spring Symposium & ICAS Dinner: Humanity, Economy, Science and

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Tue Mar 28 02:10:02 EST 2000


May 1,  2000  8: 30 AM - 9: 30 PM
Irvine Auditorium Amado Recital Hall
Faculty Club
University of Pennsylvania

in collaboration with

Council for America My Country
Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania
Law Firm of David Oh
Philadelphia Bar Association International Law Committee
Project LINK  
(list in progress)

Speaker List:

David Farber          (Chief Technology Officer, Federal Communications
                       Commission; Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of  
		       Telecommunication Systems, University of Pennsylvania)
                       "Technology and Humanity in the New Century"

Synja P Kim           (ICAS Fellow & President)
                       "Human Values in the New Century"

Lawrence R Klein      (ICAS Distinguished Fellow, ICAS Liberty Award
                       recipient;  Benjamin Franklin Professor
                       of Economics Emeritus, University of
		       Pennsylvania; Nobel Laureate)
                       "Economy and Humanity in the New Century"

Adam Meyerson	      (Vice President, Educational Affairs, Heritage
		       "American Heritage and Civil Society"

Wendy R Sherman	      (Ambassador & Counselor, U. S. Department of
		       "The American Values: U. S. Commitment to Human
		        Rights and Peace in the Next Century"		 		 	
Jerome J Shestack     (former President, American Bar Association)
                       "Rule of Law as A Fundamental Basis for
                        Humanity and Human Rights"

Sarah C Soh           (ICAS Fellow; Associate Professor of Anthropology,
                       San Francisco State University)
                       "Human Dignity and Sexual Culture:
                        A Reflection on the 'Comfort Women'Issues"

Daniel C Tsui         (Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical
                       Engineering, Princeton University; Nobel
                       "Science and Humanity in the New Century"

William Wolman        (Chief Economist, Business Week)
                       "Globalisation and New Economy:Impact on Society"

(list in progress)

For contact:	Sang Joo Kim
		icas at dvol.com


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