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Sat Mar 25 09:05:55 EST 2000

From:  Sang Joo Kim / CAMC

Dear Colleague and Friend:


Attached/Below is a Notice for the upcoming CAMC Seminar slated to
be held on April 3, 2000 at the Korean United Church of Philadelphia.
The major theme will be "The Korean-American Community (KAC) Is
An Integral Part of America", and the keynote speaker will be Barbara
Dietrich, President of The League of Women Voters of Philadelphia.

As appropriate, please kindly circulate the information among your
friends and colleagues who may be interested in participating in
this programme.

More importantly, please come and be part of the process. Your joining
the occasion will deeply be appreciated.  Thank you.

Sang Joo Kim

Council for America My Country_
"To Empower to Practise Good Citizenship"_

April  3,  2000  Monday   7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Korean United Church of Philadelphia
1200  W  Cheltenham Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19126   (215) 927 - 0630

"The Korean-American Community (KAC) Is An Integral Part of America".

What Are the Major Issues Facing the KAC?
Where Are We?
What/Where is Our Voice?
Why Participate in the Electoral Process?
The Democratic Values
The Republican Values
Voting Rights

Speakers (confirmed)

David S Kim
Sang Joo Kim
Barbara Dietrich (President, 
		  The League of Women Voters of Philadelphia)

                 "Citizen's Voice: One Vote At A Time"

Contributions suggested: $10+/person for CAMC Education Fund


VOTE!    VOTE!    VOTE!    VOTE!    VOTE!    VOTE!

Register to Vote!      Vote to Voice!      Voice and Empower!

Public Education Builds A Stronger Community.

CAMC is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, civic and educational
organisation.  It promotes ways to enhance good citizenship and its
practice.   It is solely supported by voluntary contributions.   CAMC
strives to provide public service pro bono publico.  All staff members
are non-paid volunteers.

CAMC staff:

Jerry Boucher              Director for Systems Management
Im Ja P. Choi              Director for Community Relations
Steve  S. Choi             Deputy Director for Voter Registration
Mary Etezady               Advisor
Don Kim                    Secretary
Il Hwan Kim                Director for Outreach
Sang Joo Kim               Chairman
Tae Shik Kwon              Deputy Director for Community Relations
Jae Jin Ma                 Treasurer
Willie Pai                 Deputy Secretary
Choon Ki Yoo               Deputy Director for Outreach
Ae Sook Yoon               Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Il Joong  Yoon             Director for Voter Registration

CAMC contact:

965 Clover Court, Blue Bell, PA 19422
T: (610) 277 - 9989      T: (610) 277 - 0149     F: (610) 277 - 3992
E: camc at dvol.com         http://www.dvol.com/~users/camc


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