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Dear List,
I think I have to make some corrections and additions to the information Dr. Lankov provided on the subject of  Dr. M.Park's Russian Translation of <Samguk Sagi>. First volume ("Silla pon'gi" only) appeared in 1959, with lengthy academic introduction in which basic principles of the academic analysis of  Silla socio-economic history were established. Second volume ("KoguryO pon'gi", "Paekche pon'gi", and "yOnp'o") was published in 1995, but translation itself was carried out by Dr. M.Park mostly in 70th. Very important feature of this volume is the extensive commentaries in which Dr. Park attempted to critically review the source's data on the basis of the comparisons with Chinese and Japanese materials. Then, third and last volume (edited by Dr. park, but translated by his disciples: Drs Volkov, Djarylgasinova, Kontsevich, Mr. Solovyev, and myself) was submitted to the publisher around two weeks ago; we expect it to be out of press in autumn or later. First-hand information!
  on the subject can be found in Mikhail Park's own article on the undertaking of his life, in the forthcoming issue of the <Ssial-ui sori> (in Korean). Everybody interested in <Samguk sagi> translation project can contact Mikhail Park's disciple and secretary, Mrs. Tatyana Simbirtseva, at  auntanya at cityline.ru
With due regards,
Vladimir Tikhonov,
KyungHee University
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> >Dear List:
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> >I would like to know if there's anyone (or an institution) currently
> >translating the entire _Samguk sagi_ (History of the Three Kingdoms) into
> >English.  To my knowledge, there are many translated excerpts (like
> >those found in Peter Lee's _Sourcebook of Korean Civilization_ and John
> >Jamieson's dissertation) but not the whole work.
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> >Yours,
> >Gene Park
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> Dear list, 
> Just for information:
> In February the Korean Studies Center at the Moscow State University had
> finished translation of the entire Samguk sagi. The project was launched as
> early as in the late 1950s by Prof. Mikhail N. Pak. The first volume
> (mostly _pongi_) appeared in the early 1960s (1961?). Then the work paused,
> and was resumed only in the 1990s. The second volume followed, and the
> third  and last one had been submitted to "Vostochnaia literatura"
> publisher less than a month ago. I am not aware when it will be published,
> but, I think, it will take about a year. 
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