[KS] Re: Samguk sagi

Edward J. Shultz shultz at hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 3 16:10:55 EST 2000

There have been several of us at the University of Hawaii who have been working
on coordinating a translation  of the Samguk Sagi into English. In 1996 the
Center for Korean Studies sponsored a conference on Silla and the Samguk Sagi
and hopefully those papers will be published by the end of the year.
Additionally Prof. Hugh Kang and I have been translating the Silla pongi
(annals) complete with annotations. Prof. Jonathan Best of Wesleyan University
has been finishing up a similar translation of the Paekche pongi. We are also
working on the biographies and the other sections as well. The Koguryo annals
however have yet to be touched by any of us. 
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